Intersection Turning Movement Counts

TransAnalyst’s Intersection Count reports on the directional volume of traffic as it moves through a signalized or unsignalized intersection. Also called a Turning Movement Count (TMC), our Intersection Count study tabulates the number of left-turn, right-turn, u-turn and through movements for each leg to an accuracy rate of 98%+.

An intersection count may be conducted during the peak flow period. If so, manual count with 15- minute intervals could be used to obtain the traffic volume data.

The intent of the Intersection Turning Movement Counts is, to sum up, the counts of vehicle movements through an intersection during certain time periods. This type of volume summary is used in making decisions regarding the geometric design of the road, sign and signal installation, signal timing, pavement marking, traffic circulation patterns, capacity analysis, parking and loading zones, and vehicle classification. This data is used in making decisions at a planning-level, as well as operational analyses-level. Pedestrian and bicycle movements may be included during the intersection volume studies.

For manual counts, the required number of observers is dependent on the volume levels and the geometric design of the intersection. Most likely, several observers will be necessary to perform Turning Movement Counts (TMC) at signalized intersections since the majority of these studies is performed during peak flow periods. Unsignalized intersections will typically require fewer observers.