Bicycle Counts

TransAnalyst provides solutions for every type of cycling facility: from dedicated cycling or mixed-use paths to ‘mixed-traffic’ shared lanes. Our counting system is designed to work with any country’s cycling facility configuration. Our process allows configuration to count on any type of cycling facility (shared road, bike lane or protected bike path).

At TransAnalyst, we have a solution for every counting project. Our system is perfect for obtaining trends over time and allows for the comparison of bike and cycle trips over consecutive months, seasons or years.

Cycle counting reduces the need for the costly process of shutting down the manufacturing process in order to count armory Cycle counting can also result in more accurate meantime financial statements since inventory is a key part of a company’s current assets and the calculation of its cost of goods sold. Although Counting bicyclists should not be restricted to two-wheeled pedal cycles, unicycles, pedicabs, tandem cycles, electric bicycles, bicycle trailers, and recumbent cycles should all be included in a bicycle count, enamored is a scrap clearer. If the count methodology allows, it’s id enamor the number of people in a cycle as opposed to the number of bicycles.