About TransAnalyst

TransAnalyst is a traffic survey counting solution company based in Hyderabad, India. TransAnalyst has been established to meet the traffic survey and data collection requirements for traffic survey companies all over the globe. We mainly focus on immense capabilities in traffic engineering. We have the capacity to do any traffic data counting work from any client from any country. Most of our clients are currently from US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle east etc. and successfully executed more than 1000+ projects.Our clients come from different categories like government institutions, private institutions and non-government organizations. We are sensitive to the challenges and issues associated with each client. We therefore make sure that the deliverables required by each client are well understood so that appropriate data is presented to the client.

TransAnalyst possesses a depth of experience resources to address any scale of data collection project. The data collection services are performed by experienced professional video analyst to provide traffic count with the accuracy of over 98%. Our staff members receive continuous training and are always thinking of innovative ways of further advancing our invented traffic data counting technologies. With all these skilled personnel and advanced technology, we therefore offer very competitive rates and the long-range benefits in the market. Please contact us and we shall share our rates with you and will provide trial counts to showcase our quality.

Our services are straight-forward. We don’t try to be all things to everyone; instead we focus on processing different types of Traffic Data Video Footage with High Accuracy, Quality and Security providing clear, focused and cost-effective services to traffic survey business. The data collected is of the highest quality and always delivered in timely and efficient manner. Our philosophy is to deliver accurate survey results within the timescales required by our clients, and we pride ourselves in being able to react quickly to client demands.

Our innovations help us deliver timely, very accurate and user-friendly traffic data counts. We currently specialise in; Turning Movement Counts, Link Counts, Origin-Destination Counts, Queue Length Analysis, Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts, Parking Studies, Registration Plate Survey. However, we may also be able to do some tasks which have not been mentioned here.

Partner with us and you will receive the most innovative traffic data counting solutions. Contact us through our contact section and our very responsive team of experts will liaise with you on how we can handle your project. TransAnalyst is here to meet your traffic data needs.


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